Experience an Epic Love

Experience an Epic Love

As young girls, many of us found ourselves preparing for our future roles as mothers and wives by playing house in the backyard with our friends. There was this innate desire we each had to love and be loved. But then we grew into teenagers and began to ache for a Hollywood version of love. 

The kind of love that’s so deep it would inspire Jack from Titanic to sink into the frigid waters and die in order to save Rose’s life. 

It’s a romantic and heroic storyline that was done so well we all flocked to the theatres to see it 2 and 3 times in order to vicariously experience a love that is so sacrificial it hurt and felt amazing all at the same time. We left the theatres with fresh tears in our eyes and hoped that one day we would find someone to love us deeply enough that they too would die so that we may live. 

The reality is that very few of us find this kind of love in another human being because that kind of commitment is almost unheard of. Not only because it requires consistency and compromise but also because it requires death. 

In order to truly love we must die to ourselves. 

But the human brain is designed to maintain survival no matter the cost. We are selfish by nature, you see. Which is why once we truly realize the gravity of what Jesus did for us and we accept it as our truth we find ourselves at the foot of the cross, falling in love with Christ. 

Can you imagine a kind of love that would experience being mocked and beaten yet still right before dying for the one they loved they would cry out and beg the King to forgive us so that we could live? It sounds like an Epic Romance Novel and it is. 

I think you should know that while I love my husband very much, the truth is, I love Jesus more. 

I love Jesus enough to build an epically romantic relationship with him. Just like Rose wanted to be with Jack every day for the rest of her life, I want to be with Jesus every day for the rest of mine and all of eternity. I want to share my deepest desires and pains with him and hear what he has to say. I want to experience his love, and hear about how he loves me. I want to tell him how much he means to me and hear how much I mean to him. 

Equally, I want to hear his desires for me and carry them out because I know he only wants what’s best for me.

How could I not? This is the man that died for me. 

He said, take me not her. I will die in her place for whatever she has done wrong. 

Like a King stepping in front of his Queen only to find the swords of battle up against his chest and not hers. Or a man diving in front of bullets to die so the woman he loves will live. There is no greater epic kind of love than the love Jesus has for us. 

The question is, what kind of love do we have for Jesus? Do we love him enough to follow him out of the desert and into the promised land even though we have no guarantee? Do we love him enough to serve our King for the rest of our lives despite being mistreated by other people in the Kingdom? Do we love him enough to sacrifice ourselves to become fully devoted to him? 

The meaning of love is not a sentence out of Webster’s dictionary but instead the action of self-sacrifice. So what would you sacrifice for the man who died for you?

You time? Your talents? Your treasure? How about your heart? Or perhaps even the desires you thought you had so that you can instead completely live for him.

I gave up the life I had as a single woman and inherited a new one centered in self-sacrifice when I married my husband. Equally, when I chose to follow Jesus I gave up my old life to live the way he called me to. 

However, not all of love is about subtraction because the math of God is multiplication. So I chose to increase my knowledge of him because it’s rare to fall in love with someone we don’t even know. Which begs the question, how do we get to know someone? We can start by reading and experiencing his living breathing diary. 

After all, it’s the book of love letters he wrote just for us. 

Your Sister In Christ,

Audrey May Prosper

Founder, Your Thrive Tribe


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