Do these 3 things to Discover your Kingdom Assignment

The significance of women in the kingdom is by far more than most of us normally ever hear about but women have been significant since the beginning of creation. I mean, it was in fact after God created man that we hear God say, in (Genesis 2:18) “it is not good.” This powerful statement made by our creator implies that God himself knew that His creation was incomplete without a champion for Adam. Yup you read that correctly sister! 

Not a companion… a champion

The Hebrew word for helper is ezer, meaning champion, strength, or rescuer. 

Now this is not to say that women are superior to men and should take on the role of protector and provider, however, what it does say is that God’s purpose for the creation of woman was for so much more than helping men with the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Our role is important, it is needed and it is one designed for the sake of impacting the kingdom. 

Most of us are familiar with strong, empowered and impactful women of the Bible, like Esther and Ruth but what about women like Mary Magdalene. This is a woman who lived in a time when women weren’t even allowed to testify in court, yet Jesus gave her the honor of testifying the best news EVER —- that He was alive. (John 20:11-18)

The impact that one particular message of triumph has had is one that has reverberated across nations for thousands of years and is still spreading like wildfire today. It’s a message that brings hope to the most desolate places. 

Often times we as women can be led to believe that our role in the Body of Christ is small, when in fact, each of us was created on purpose for a purpose; therefore, it is our birthright and calling to create impact in our homes, our communities, and the kingdom of God overall.  

To be a kingdom woman of impact is an honor given to us by the KING of all KINGS himself! 

May we all honor Him in return by learning exactly what our role is and then take action to carry it out for the sake of God and His Kingdom. 

And may I remind us all that the Kingdom is not confined to the four walls of our local church. It actually stretches further than the eyes can see. 

If you haven’t quite figured out what the King wants you to do, you can start by doing these 3 things. 

  1. Ask God what it is
  2. Listen for His reply
  3. Do it with full reliance on Him

And because I’m nosey by nature. I’d love to hear how it turned out. Send me an email answering the 2 questions below.

  1. What did God tell you?
  2. What are you going to do about it? 

Remember, you are loved, valuable, and chosen for such a time as this. The KINGDOM needs YOU sister! 

May you courageously accept your assignment from the King and walk it out, whether it be in the church, the community, or both. 

If you feel God is leading you to serve the kingdom through supporting Your Thrive Tribe, let us be the first to say that we would be honored to have you. Please email us to get plugged in. We thank you in advance for your willingness to serve. 

P.S. We are happy to honor our first annual 

Queen of Impact, Doris Rivera-Black! She is an incredible woman of God creating impact in her home, our tribe, her church, her community, and God’s Kingdom overall every single day. Her character is beyond measure and we couldn’t be more grateful for her being everything God has called her to be. 

If you know her, be sure to congratulate her.  

Love and Light,

Founder, Your Thrive Tribe



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