What if the prescription for sadness was service?

When is the last time you bought something for yourself? Maybe it was yesterday or last month? How about the last time you ate something? Perhaps it was breakfast this morning? Better yet, what is the name of the last book you read or the last sermon you heard? 

The society we live in is obsessed with consumption. So much so that we spend hours binge watching Netflix and we don’t even blink twice at the thought of financing a $1500 phone because maybe, just maybe the camera is so incredible that we can capture a rare image of Jesus all the way in heaven and then post it on Instagram and become “insta famous” because so many people consume it that it goes viral. Consumption has become so deeply woven into our culture that we want people to consume us. We’ve become a commodity. No wonder our personal data is now the most valuable thing on earth.  

When is the last time you applied something you learned from that sermon to your everyday life? When is the last time you contributed to a CAUSE? When is the last time you served your community? 

We are trained and programmed to consume for the sake of a burst of pleasure despite it already being proven that contributing to the world around us is what gives us the greatest pleasure of all?  

When God created the earth, the animals, and us He created us with an innate desire to contribute to each other and the world around us. It’s counter-cultural but it’s part of His great design. So my final question for all of us is when will we stop spending our time, money, and effort on temporary happiness and start investing in deep fulfillment?  

That’s all for now THRIVERS. Keep living your blessed life!

Love and Light,

Audrey May Prosper

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Audrey May Prosper - Founder, Your Thrive Tribe

Audrey May Prosper - Founder, Your Thrive Tribe

When I'm not investing time in ministry you can find me hiking the beautiful mountains of Colorado, enjoying time with my sisters in Christ or watching movies with my family.


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