Not Your Mom’s Listening Advice

Unfortunately, growing up our parents and teachers placed a lot of emphasis on learning how to read, write, and talk. However, what they forgot to teach most of us what how to be a good listener. 


Part of thriving in our daily lives is doing so relationally and in order to have healthy relationships it’s important that we learn how to quietly rest and take in what someone else is saying, then repeat, and reassure. 


The truth is… most of us just listen to respond. We sit there quietly listening until we hear the other person briefly inhale and before they can fully exhale we dive in like a lifeguard trying to save someone drowning and start rambling off how what they said relates to us and our situation or we rush to offer advice on what we think they should do or how they should feel about what they have just shared.  


Here’s the thing. You and I are desperate for authentic conversation and interaction. If you’re open to it… this week our (yes, including me) challenge is to practice being a good listener by following these three steps.



Rest – Be quiet while the other person is speaking



Repeat – After they finish repeat some of what they’ve said so they know you were listening.  


Example: What I heard you say is…



Reassure – Validate what they’ve shared. 


Example: I can see why you would feel that way and… 


 Whatever you do DO NOT mention yourself until it’s your turn to talk about your own life. It’s way harder than you think but the benefits we can expect to experience as a result of being better listeners are deeper conversation which will ultimately result in deeper connections. 


That’s all for now THRIVERS! Keep living your blessed life.


 Love and Light,

Audrey May Prosper – Founder Your Thrive Tribe


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Audrey May Prosper - Founder, Your Thrive Tribe

Audrey May Prosper - Founder, Your Thrive Tribe

When I'm not investing time in ministry you can find me hiking the beautiful mountains of Colorado, enjoying time with my sisters in Christ or watching movies with my family.


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