How To Keep It Real In A Fake World

Sista friend, let’s keep it 100! The last 10 posts on our social accounts are most likely more of a highlight reel than thereal deal.” Most of us aren’t posting about the disagreement we had with our spouse last night or the negative conversation we had with ourselves this morning. 

Instead we’re sharing pictures from the last event we attended, celebrating our kids greatest achievements and posting selfies hoping to somehow obtain acceptance. 

The truth is when we do this without also keepin’ it real we reinforce the world’s standard making us feel like we need to constantly “measure up” when we are already loved beyond measure. Why though? It’s simple. We don’t like being rejected. 

But here’s the thing: the more authentic we are, the more people can relate to us and the more people relate the more influence we have and the more influence we have the more we can affect change. Change that causes us to live by the WORD’s way, NOT the world’s way. Change that impacts us collectively and individually. 

On an individual level when we keep it real, we feel less stressed, more blessed, less afraid, more engaged, less alone, more at home. We feel comfortable in our own skin as they say. When we do this individually we give permission to the world around us to do the same. 

So go out there and be the woman God says you are and created you to be and remember it’s okay to have a bad day or even a bad week. 


Love and Light,

Audrey May Prosper


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Audrey May Prosper - Founder, Your Thrive Tribe

Audrey May Prosper - Founder, Your Thrive Tribe

When I'm not investing time in ministry you can find me hiking the beautiful mountains of Colorado, enjoying time with my sisters in Christ or watching movies with my family.


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