Essential Oils - A Gift From God

Essential oils are the wonderful fragrances of the plant kingdom and much more. To an herbalist essential oils are the soul of the plant. Actually, essential oils serve the needs of the plant before they serve us. What they do for our bodies they have already been doing for the plant.


They act as messengers and supervisors within the plant that help coordinate and initiate vital plant activities. They have been called “the life blood of a plant” because they circulate through plant tissues and pass through cell walls, carrying nutrition into cells and carrying waste products out.


Many different parts of plants are used to obtain the essential oils including stems, branches, fruits, flowers, seeds, roots, bark, needles and leaves. These parts go through a distillation process and the vapors are condensed, collected and separated leaving the essential oils that are then bottled. It is important to note that there is more than one method of extracting the oils from the plant and some use harsh chemicals to do so. It is best to avoid theses types due to potential contamination.


Although the word oil is used, essential oils are not greasy unless they are mixed with a carrier oil. How do they work in our body? Essential oils, when applied to our skin or the aroma inhaled, act as messengers and supervisors within our bodies just like they do in plants. They circulate through our tissues and pass through cell walls, carrying nutrition into cells and carrying waste products out. Essential oils intelligently assist our bodily functions and help to restore and/or maintain wellness. They also work towards restoring and maintaining balance and homeostasis in the body.

Once applied to the skin they absorb very quickly. Some oils need to be applied with a carrier oil and if you are not sure about them it is best to seek the advice of someone experienced before using them.


So what does the bible say about essential oils?


The oil in plants is a divine gift from God to help restore our wellness and maintain our health. The ancient priests and prophets, as well as some physicians of the Bible, anointed people with oil and prayed for them. In Philippians 4:18 St. Paul refers to a fragrant offering as acceptable and pleasing to God. Seventy percent of the books in the Bible mention essential oils, their uses, and/or the plants from which they are derived.


It is clear from the Bible that God intended for us to use the oils of plants for many purposes.


Each essential oil has specific uses and a few that are good to have around for everyday day use are lavender and peppermint. Lavender is great for minor burns or skin irritations. Peppermint is great for headaches, upset stomach or even to help cool you off on a hot day. Make sure you use essential oils from a reputable company that grows the plants free of chemicals and extracts them without the use of harsh solvents. And consider giving them a try, your body will thank you!


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Tammy Taylor – Certified Health Coach


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